Our Fleet

Bracknell minibus offers professional service across the region, and also to other parts of UK and even continental Europe. Our fleet of minibus and coaches range from 8 to 7 seaters, which are available as standard, executive or luxury vehicles. Most of the vehicles are equipped with toilet, hot and cold water, air conditioning, DVD players and many other accessories. Plush seats with upholstery are standard in all our vehicles. For sheer luxury, we can provide vehicles with complete bar facilities, Wi-Fi, catering, and even hostess service.
We always have new vehicles in our fleet. As a matter of policy, we dispose our vehicles within six years of
purchase, and buy new vehicles instead. The advantage of always having the latest models is highly efficient vehicles which do not require much maintenance, and also spotting the latest safety features. These vehicles also deliver high fuel efficiency, which help us keep operational costs, and by extension our per-kilometer
charges, low.

We maintain our vehicles thoroughly, changing oil and other consumables at the recommended intervals, and servicing the vehicles at the recommended times. We also make it a point to clean our vehicles thoroughly, check the tyre pressure, and refill the fuel before the start of any trip.


Contact Details

The Maple Center, Downmill Road, Bracknell, RG12 1QS

01344 283008


Mon to Sun :24 hours